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RB Studio

Our salon.

Waxing and Beauty treatments along with Manicures and Pedicures done while your hair service is being carried out makes RB a very time and cost effective Studio for the busy women and her lifestyle.

Men’s cutting and colouring is also a strong part of our client services.


High quality manicures & pedicures are a popular service

Manicure and pedicure services (express and deluxe) are done using CND shellac and polishes.

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Olivia Sidwell rejoins our team

Olivia Sidwell has returned to join our team. Olivia has worked with us over a period of 12 yrs and is returning from a work adventure in Canada. She is very happy to be back into our Hope Island / Sanctuary Cove area and looking forward to re-acquainting with a lot of her clientele again. Olivia is a very talented and experienced stylist.